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Journal Club Announcement

August 29, 2021

Six months ago, your Board started planning the Society’s educational programs for this year, including the Ophthalmology Journal Clubs.  With widespread vaccine availability, masking, and social distancing, we felt it was reasonable to believe we’d be able to resume in-person activities.  Three months ago, with declining COVID numbers, we felt safe to schedule those actvities, beginning with a special Journal Club dinner/lecture with a nationally known speaker, Dr. Tom Harbin.  Unfortunately, the Delta surge intervened.    

According to public health data from both our States, this week new COVID infections seem to be leveling off, but hospitalizations and deaths continue to increase.  Many if not most of us face decreasing vaccine effectiveness and will need COVID booster shots in the next two months.   

Based on those facts, this week the Board unanimously agreed that, for the health and safety of our members, we should postpone in-person activities for at least the next two months.  Working closely with the Overland Park Convention Center, INMED, and our speakers, we have done just that.   

We have rescheduled the September dinner/lecture with Dr. Harbin to December 1.  The October Journal Club with Dr. Ravi Singh is rescheduled to November 3.  Although we had planned all our other Journal Clubs and the annual meeting as in-person events, if COVID conditions do not improve, we are also prepared to move forward with these activities as virtual or hybrid events. 

We all hope for a resumption of our normal in-person meetings.  We hope you agree with this decision to wait a little longer. 


Dr. Thomas Whittaker

Dr. Jill Arganbright

Dr. Clint Humphrey

Dr. Matt Sniegowski

Dr. Joe Ursick

Dr. Scott Hickman

Membership Renewal

It’s that time of year to renew your membership with KCSO&O! We are excited to announce that registration for 2021-22 opens October 1, 2021.

Please join our organization for another successful year by renewing your membership today.

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